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The Importance of Maintenance for Electrical Bus Bars

The importance of maintenance for electrical bus bars cannot be overstated.


This client hired Lightning Mobile Electric because they needed an emergencyrepair to restore power to their refrigeration system. Lightning MobileElectric is the primary reactive electrical solutions team for Walmart andSam’s Club stores in Colorado, Utah, Wyoming, and Oklahoma. The originalproposal was for troubleshooting and repair of the Rack main breaker. Aftertroubleshooting we found a faulty 250A main breaker that was bad and needingreplaced. We sourced the material locally, same day, and installed the newbreaker. Upon installation we verified proper operation. We then received acall from the HVAC manager, David Howard, that another breaker had failed. Uponreview of this breaker, we found that the breaker had faulted causing the bussbar to melt beyond repair (due to poor maintenance on the buss bar andassociated wiring torque specs).



We worked with the Walmartenergy team to source a temporary panel to keep refrigeration going in thestore. Once the temporary panel was delivered, we sourced temporary wiring andwere able to wire-up the temporary panel. We ordered a new panel replacementthrough the Walmart parts team as well. Once the new panel arrived, we removedall temporary wiring, temporary panel, and temporary raceways. We installed thenew panel and tested that it was working properly upon completion.



We offered our client Aa permanent solution to the faulty buss bar as fast aspossible to keep their store up and running. The major milestones of this projectwere:

●       Diagnosingthe issue - determining that the problem wasn’t the breaker like initiallythought but was instead the buss bar.

●       Procuringa temporary panel in a timely manner to keep the store operational.

●       Completingthe installation


TheImportance of Maintenance for Electrical Bus Bars

Electricalbus bars play a crucial role in the distribution of electrical power withinindustrial and commercial settings. Despite their significance, bus bars oftengo unnoticed until an issue arises. Regular maintenance of electrical bus barsis essential to ensure their optimal performance, prevent costly breakdowns,and improve overall electrical system reliability. In this blog, we willexplore the importance of maintenance for electrical bus bars and discuss keymaintenance practices that can help extend their lifespan and enhanceelectrical safety.


1.Maximizing Performance:

Regularmaintenance of electrical bus bars helps maximize their performance. Over time,bus bars can accumulate dust, dirt, and corrosion, which can hinder theirability to conduct electricity efficiently. Conducting routine inspections andcleaning of bus bars can remove these contaminants, ensuring optimumconductivity and preventing voltage drops or overheating issues. Additionally, propertorqueing of connections and inspection of insulation materials can helpidentify loose or damaged components, allowing for timely repairs andpreventing potential electrical failures.


2.Preventing Breakdowns:

Electricalbus bar failures can lead to major disruptions in power distribution systems,resulting in downtime, production loss, and costly repairs. By implementingregular maintenance practices, such as thermographic surveys to detect hotspots or loose connections, bus bar issues can be detected before they escalateinto critical failures. Early detection and troubleshooting can preventcatastrophic failures, improve equipment uptime, and minimize the risk ofelectrical fires or accidents.


3.Enhancing Electrical Safety:

Maintainingelectrical bus bars is crucial for ensuring a safe working environment. Overtime, bus bars can develop insulation cracks or faulty connections, increasingthe risk of electrical arcing or short circuits. Routine inspections, such asvisual examinations and insulation resistance testing, can identify thesepotential hazards. Regular maintenance also includes verifying the tightness ofbolts and screws, ensuring proper grounding, and inspecting protective coversand shields. By addressing these issues promptly, maintenance helps mitigateelectrical safety risks and protects both personnel and equipment from harm.


4.Extending Lifespan:

Likeany electrical component, bus bars have a limited lifespan. However, proactivemaintenance measures can greatly extend their longevity. By removing dust,corrosion, and other contaminants, maintaining proper torque, and addressingany signs of wear or damage, bus bars can operate at their optimal efficiencyfor longer periods. Regular maintenance also provides an opportunity to assessthe condition of the bus bars, evaluate the load-carrying capacity, and planfor future upgrades or replacements as needed.



Theimportance of maintenance for electrical bus bars cannot be overstated. Routineinspections, cleaning, and testing can help maximize performance, preventbreakdowns, enhance electrical safety, and extend the lifespan of thesecritical components. Investing time and resources into maintenance not onlyensures uninterrupted power distribution but also saves costs associated withemergency repairs and downtime. By making maintenance a priority, businessescan optimize their electrical systems, increase operational efficiency, andsafeguard their employees and assets from potential electrical hazards. Remember, regular maintenance is key to keeping your electrical bus barsrunning smoothly and reliably.