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Viewpoint Condominiums: System Upgrades: Meter Banks and Main Disconnects

Upgrading Meter Banks and Main Disconnects: Enhancing Safety and Efficiency


We werebrought in on this project by a property management company.  Their insurance would no longer providecoverage due to the fact they had outdated Federal Pacific equipment within thebuildings.  Specifically the meter banksand main disconnect in the basements of 10 of their buildings.  



We removed the old Federal Pacific equipment and replaced them with newsystems.



Upgraded meter banks and main disconnects that enhanced safety, improved energyefficiency, and enabled advanced monitoring and control capabilities.



Meterbanks and main disconnects are critical components of electrical systems,responsible for accurate power measurement and safe disconnection from theutility grid. As technology advances and electrical demands increase, upgradingthese components becomes necessary to ensure optimal performance, enhancesafety, and improve overall energy efficiency. In this blog, we will explorethe importance of upgrading meter banks and main disconnects, discuss keyconsiderations for the upgrade process, and highlight the benefits that resultfrom these upgrades.


1.Enhanced Safety

Upgradingmeter banks and main disconnects can significantly enhance electrical safetywithin residential, commercial, and industrial settings. Older electricalsystems may have outdated or malfunctioning components, leading to potentialelectrical hazards. Upgrading to modern meter banks equipped with advancedprotective features, such as arc fault detection and ground fault interrupters,can help prevent electrical fires and electric shock incidents. Similarly,replacing outdated main disconnects with newer models that meet the latestsafety standards can provide enhanced protection against overcurrent, shortcircuits, and other electrical faults.


2.Improved Accuracy and Measurement

Accuratepower measurement is crucial for efficient energy management and billingpurposes. Upgrading meter banks allows for the installation of advanced smartmeters, which provide real-time data on energy consumption, peak demand, andpower quality. These smart meters enable more precise monitoring, analysis, andcontrol of electricity usage, facilitating better energy management decisionsand identifying opportunities for energy savings. Additionally, upgrading todigital meters eliminates potential issues with older analog meters, such asslow or inaccurate readings.


3. EnergyEfficiency

Upgradingmeter banks and main disconnects can contribute to overall energy efficiency.Advanced metering technologies allow for more accurate measurement of energyconsumption, revealing patterns and trends that can help identify energy-savingopportunities. With this information, users can optimize their energy usage,implement energy conservation measures, and reduce overall electricity costs.Moreover, upgrading main disconnects to incorporate surge protection devicesand power quality filters can help mitigate voltage fluctuations, harmonicdistortions, and transient events, thereby improving energy efficiency andextending the lifespan of electrical equipment.


4. RemoteMonitoring and Control

One ofthe significant advantages of upgrading meter banks is the ability to implementremote monitoring and control systems. Through the use of advancedcommunication protocols and cloud-based platforms, upgraded meter banks canprovide real-time data transmission, allowing users to monitor energyconsumption, detect abnormalities, and adjust power usage remotely. Thiscapability enables effective load management, demand response programs, andrapid identification of potential issues, leading to faster response times andimproved system reliability. Additionally, remote control features allow forseamless disconnection and reconnection of service during maintenance oremergencies, saving time and reducing the need for manual intervention.



Upgradingmeter banks and main disconnects is essential for enhancing safety, improvingenergy efficiency, and enabling advanced monitoring and control capabilities.By investing in these upgrades, individuals and businesses can optimize theirelectrical systems, reduce energy costs, and create a safer and moresustainable energy environment.