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Once the sun goes down, lighting becomes a crucial factor in a customer’s initial impression of your business. Bright and properly placed parking lot lights invite customers to your front door while improving the safety and security of the area. Brightly illuminated parking areas dissuade criminal activity; in fact, studies show that outdoor lighting cuts crime by 39%. The ultimate goal for any parking lot light repair project is to enhance visibility for customers and employees.

For a breakdown on cost, voltage, and the different types of parking lot lights, see our FAQ below.

How do you upgrade your outdoor parking lot lights?

Upgrading and/or maintaining parking lot lighting is best achieved by consulting reputable commercial parking lot lighting contractors in your area. Lightning Mobile Electric is that trusted partner as we are equipped to handle any parking lot lights service you are in need of. From a simple parking lot light bulb replacement to a full layout and redesign, Lightning Mobile Electric provides expert advice and skill to complete the project and exceed your expectations.

What kind of lights do parking lots use?

In the past, parking lots were commonly illuminated by High-Intensity Discharge (HID) lighting technologies such as mercury vapor bulbs, high-pressure sodium bulbs, or metal halide bulbs. These technologies can get expensive to operate and maintain and many business owners found themselves calling their parking lot repair company more frequently. Now, business owners can consider upgrading to the recommended LED parking lot lights. Using LED lights for parking lot lighting has quickly become the preferred choice. The single most important factor affecting the cost and performance of lighting systems is proper maintenance. Upgrading to commercial LED parking lot lights will significantly reduce operating and maintenance costs and you’ll have better customization in your lighting design.

Every parking lot project is different and throughout the design process, it’s important to remember that more light doesn’t always mean better light. Lightning Mobile Electric takes care to consider things like the light color temperature (using the Kelvin Scale), fixture location, and the lighting distribution pattern. We can also implement control systems to maximize energy efficiency. Control systems function as timers so you can customize when the parking lot lights need to be on and when they can be turned off - such as during non-business hours or during the daylight hours. Again, our goal is to help reduce your energy consumption and improve your lighting. Upgrading lighting systems, lamps and adding controls might make you eligible for rebates.


How much does parking lot lighting cost?

The cost of installing parking lot lighting depends on many variables and would be a challenge for any installer to price out without having specific information. Some of the variables to think about are the type of existing equipment (if any), height of parking lot poles, spacing, and equipment needed to reach the pole fixtures. Lightning Mobile Electric is an experienced parking lot lighting installer and can help you determine what variables you are faced with and answer all of your questions around your specific install. Give us a call today!

Our Process For Parking lot lights service and upgrades

Every parking lot lighting project is different. That’s why we always begin with a thorough lighting assessment. During this assessment, we review the number and height of light poles, types of lamps, number of lights, etc. We also assess the items that need repaired or replaced such as damaged light poles, lighting fixtures, burnt-out lamps, ballasts, transformers, and more.

All assessments are free and provided at no obligation to you. We’re happy to share trade secrets so you can get more from your business with just the flip of a switch… or a stroll by a motion sensor! Contact us today to schedule a lighting assessment for your business through our SERVICE REQUEST FORM, via email at or by phone at 720-470-0362 (Direct).

Next, our team of specialists develop a strategy to optimize your parking lot lighting. Our goal is to improve your outdoor lighting, help reduce your energy consumption, and minimize light pollution - all while adhering to local municipal codes and regulations. Once we’ve established the best lighting upgrade solution for your business, our skilled installation team will begin the project. We take all steps possible to minimize any disruption to your normal business operations.

Why Choose Lighting Mobile Electric as your Commercial Parking Lot Lighting Contractors?

Over the years, we’ve built a strong reputation for quality, integrity, and outstanding customer service. Whenever you experience an issue with your parking lot lighting, you need an expert you can trust to address the problem in a fast and efficient manner to get operations back up and running. Lightning Mobile Electric is the trusted Denver electrician that gets the job done right every time.

Contact us today to schedule a lighting assessment for your business through our SERVICE REQUEST FORM, via email at or by phone at 720-470-0362 (Direct).

Parking Lot Lighting FAQ’s:

What voltage are parking lot lights?

Parking lot lights range from 120-480 Volt. Each install is unique, call us today to help you understand what is best for you.

How many lumens should a parking lot light be?

The number of lumens for parking lot lighting varies by location and local lighting authority. There are variables to consider around this as well, especially relating to dark-sky compliance regulations. Call us to help you understand the regulations in your area.

How much does parking lot lighting cost?

The cost of parking lot lighting varies widely from cheap fixtures to quality name brands as well as job site conditions. The technology used can range from IE, HID, High Pressure Sodium, Metal halide, Fluorescent, Incandescent, or LED. Call us to discuss your plans and ideas and let us help you choose the right fixtures.

How long do parking lights last?

The lifetime of your parking lot lighting depends on the technology used. HID lights only last a year or two while newer LEDS should come with a 5-10 year warranty.