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Commercial Interior Lighting Services

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Lightning Mobile Electric

Lightning Mobile Electric is proud to be one of the top nationally leading providers for commercial interior lighting. Our licensed electricians serve all types of businesses with industry best lighting solutions and service providing installation, maintenance, and repair for all of our customers.

What does commercial indoor lighting include?

Each business is unique and, as such, each lighting solution should be designed to fit both the style and the goals of the business. For example, restaurant lighting will vary greatly from retail lighting and even more so than industrial lighting.

Commercial indoor lighting typically includes ambient/general lighting, accent lighting, and task lighting.

Ambient Lighting

Ambient or general lighting is typically used to set the tone for your space utilizing ceiling fixtures, standalone lighting fixtures, and vertical lighting. A good business setting needs to have a warm, inviting feel and using LED commercial lighting solutions can help you accomplish this.

Accent Lighting

Accent lighting in commercial settings is used to create focal points, add dimension, and reinforce the general design of the space. An experienced electrician can help you determine what to highlight within your space and the right types of lighting such as recessed lighting, wall-mounted features, or angles sconces.

Task Lighting

Task lighting is used to support you and your employees when working on tasks while reducing glare and creating a healthier and more focused environment in the workplace. It can be created with localized lighting using different types of fixtures, overhead lighting, lamps, and recessed track lighting.

How does indoor lighting affect your business?

Commercial indoor lighting is a necessary part of your business for overall functionality, appearance, and atmosphere. Lighting can be the difference between a space that is uplifting, increases productivity, and can even offer calming effects or one that is dull, uninviting, and even unhealthy.

Commercial interior lighting is perfect for businesses who want to make sure their interior looks clean and bright. Indoor commercial lighting instantly lights up your office, shop, warehouse, with options ranging from neon signs to wall-washing; the brighter, the better!

Today, more and more research has been dedicated to the effects of certain types of lighting. Commercial LED light fixtures are some of the most popular ways to emit a more natural-looking light that actually boosts mood and productivity of the workplace. Additionally, these types of lights are safer, can be directional, are very energy efficient, and will save your company money in the long-run. See some of the health benefits of LED lighting in the workplace here.

Why hire a professional?

Lightning Mobile Electric is a team of commercial electricians providing installation, retrofits, service, and upgrades to business, retail and industrial spaces. If your building needs better and brighter lighting solutions and electrical systems, we are here to assist you.

For commercial lighting needs, our expert team will help you determine what type of lighting is right for your project and offer a balanced combination of both style and function for your space.

LME offers a strong staff of Journeyman Electricians as well as a large fleet of equipment that can handle any electrical installation, upgrade, or repair your business might require. Contact us today to discuss your commercial interior lighting project!