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Industrial Lighting Services in Your Area - We Can Help    

March 1, 2024

You've been tasked with finding a lighting company for your business's warehouse or factory. It's a crucial decision that impacts safety, productivity, and atmosphere. However, navigating through options can be overwhelming due to vague sales pitches touting "industry-leading" services. Where should you begin? This article will help you understand what to consider when selecting an industrial lighting company, from initial costs to maintenance plans. With the right partner, your facility will be well-lit, efficient, and operating smoothly. We have evaluated providers in your area to suggest the most reputable ones that deserve your trust. Don't tackle this alone. Rely on our expertise to confidently choose lighting that improves your operations.                                          

The Importance of Proper Industrial Lighting Maintenance

Keeping your commercial lighting functioning properly is crucial for productivity, safety, and cost-efficiency. As a business owner, you rely on adequate lighting for your employees and customers to perform their jobs and navigate your facility. However, the harsh conditions of industrial settings can take a toll on lighting systems, reducing their effectiveness and longevity.

Increased Productivity

Well-maintained lighting provides bright, even illumination so your staff can see clearly to do their work.

Proper lighting maintenance helps maximize productivity by giving employees the light they need to focus and work efficiently.

Improved Safety

In a factory, warehouse, or other industrial space, good visibility is essential for safe movement and avoiding accidents or injuries. Faulty or failing lights can create shadows and dark areas that hide potential hazards. Your lighting maintenance provider will check all fixtures for proper brightness and replace any burned-out or dying bulbs. They can also make recommendations for lighting layout or fixture upgrades to improve overall light quality in your facility.


Cost Savings

While lighting maintenance does require an investment, it saves you money in the long run. Replacing bulbs and cleaning fixtures on a regular schedule extends their lifespan, reducing the frequency of costly bulb and ballast replacements. Your lighting provider can also help optimize your lighting for energy efficiency by using LEDs, occupancy sensors, and light level monitors. They have the expertise to balance light levels for your needs while minimizing energy usage.

Proper industrial lighting is a necessity, not a luxury. Partnering with a professional lighting maintenance company helps ensure your systems are running safely, efficiently, and cost-effectively. Their regular service and expert guidance give you confidence your facility has the high-quality lighting it demands. Your productivity, safety, and bottom line will benefit from their support keeping your commercial lighting in working order.

Common Industrial Lighting Issues and How to Spot Them

Failing Bulbs

One of the most common issues with industrial lighting is simply burnt out or failing bulbs. As bulbs age, they become dimmer and less efficient. You may notice certain areas seem darker or some bulbs are flickering or buzzing. It's a good idea to inspect your lighting fixtures regularly and replace bulbs when they start to show signs of aging to avoid them burning out completely.

Loose Connections

If you notice some lights that seem dim or are flickering in your facility, it could indicate loose electrical connections. As components like ballasts, sockets, and wiring age, connections can come loose or corroded, disrupting the flow of electricity. Loose connections are a fire hazard, so it's critical to have an electrician inspect and repair or replace any faulty wiring or components.

Broken Fixtures

Accidents happen, and lighting fixtures can become damaged over time. If you notice any fixtures that are visibly cracked, dented or broken, it's not safe to operate them. Broken fixtures can expose live wires, causing electric shocks or fire hazards. Have any damaged fixtures replaced by a licensed electrical contractor as soon as possible.

Inadequate Light Levels

In some areas of your facility, the existing lighting may not provide bright enough illumination for workers to perform their jobs properly. If certain tasks seem difficult or eye strain and headaches are common complaints, the light levels may need adjustment. An industrial lighting company can assess your specific needs and recommend improvements to increase brightness and improve visibility. Upgrading to LED bulbs or fixtures is an easy way to significantly improve light quality and output.                                                                                                                                                                        Keeping a close watch on your industrial lighting and performing regular inspections and maintenance will help ensure a well-lit, safe environment for your operations. Don't hesitate to call in the experts if you have any concerns about your facility's lighting system. Your workers and your business will benefit from improved visibility and reduced risks.

Benefits of Hiring a Commercial Lighting Maintenance Company

Maintaining a commercial lighting system is no easy feat, especially if you have little experience in this area. Hiring a professional company to handle lighting maintenance and repairs for your business comes with several advantages.                             

Expertise and Efficiency

Lighting maintenance companies have the expertise and experience to properly care for commercial lighting systems. Their technicians are trained and certified to service all types of commercial lights, from fluorescent tubes to LED panels and high-intensity discharge lamps. They can quickly diagnose issues and make necessary repairs or bulb replacements to get your lighting back up and running efficiently.


While it may seem cheaper to have your in-house staff handle lighting maintenance, it often ends up costing more in the long run. Commercial lighting companies have the proper tools, equipment, and resources to service lighting systems efficiently. They can also help you develop a customized maintenance plan to maximize the lifespan of your current lighting system and avoid costly downtime or replacement costs.                                      

Improved Safety

Well-maintained lighting systems are safer lighting systems. Lighting maintenance technicians have the training to identify and correct any potential hazards like faulty wiring, unstable fixtures, or emergency lighting issues. They can also ensure all lighting components meet necessary building and safety codes for your area. Proper lighting maintenance reduces the risk of injury for building occupants and helps avoid potential liability issues.

Energy Efficiency

Over time, commercial lighting systems become less energy efficient, costing you more in utility bills. Lighting maintenance helps restore lighting to optimal efficiency and can even identify opportunities for upgrades to more energy-efficient options like LEDs. A more efficient lighting system contributes to a lower carbon footprint and significant cost savings.

Hiring a professional to handle servicing your commercial lighting has significant benefits for your business. With their expertise, your lighting system will operate as efficiently as possible, reducing costs and maximizing safety for many years to come. The rewards of professional lighting maintenance far outweigh the costs.

Questions to Ask When Choosing a Lighting Maintenance Provider

Once you've decided to hire a commercial lighting maintenance company, you'll want to evaluate your options carefully. Here are some important questions to ask potential providers to determine if they're the right fit for your needs:

What services do you offer?

A full-service provider should offer maintenance and repair of all your lighting fixtures, including LEDs, fluorescents, high-intensity discharge (HID) lamps like metal halides and high-pressure sodium, and incandescent bulbs. They should also provide regular cleaning, testing, and preventative maintenance. Some may even offer lighting upgrades, 24/7 emergency service, and smart lighting controls installation. Choose a provider that offers the specific services you require.

What experience do you have?

Look for a provider with experience servicing commercial lighting systems, especially those similar to your own. Ask how long they've been in business, what industries they serve, and if they have experience with systems from major manufacturers like GE, Philips, OSRAM, and CREE. Experience matters when dealing with complex commercial lighting systems.               

What certifications and training do your technicians have?

Reputable companies will ensure their technicians stay up-to-date with training on the latest technologies, safety standards, and system components. Technicians should hold certifications from organizations like the Lighting Certified Practitioner Program (LCPro) and the National Council on Qualifications for the Lighting Professions (NCQLP). Proper training and certification indicate a commitment to quality work and customer service.

Can you provide references from current clients?

Speaking with current clients is one of the best ways to evaluate a potential provider. Ask for references from businesses similar in size and industry to your own. Get in touch with them to learn about the provider's work quality, responsiveness, and customer service. Look for a proven track record of satisfied long-term clients.

What are your service rates and response times?

Rates and response times can vary significantly between providers. Compare estimates for common services to determine average costs in your area. Faster response and service times typically come at a higher price. Choose a provider that offers rates and response times that fit your needs and budget.

Our Lighting Maintenance Services and Why We're the Right Choice             

Regular Maintenance

One of the most important services we offer is regular lighting maintenance. Our technicians will visit your facility on a schedule that suits your needs-whether monthly, quarterly or annually-to inspect all of your lighting fixtures and bulbs. We check for any issues like flickering lights, dimming or buzzing and replace parts as needed to keep your lighting in working order. Preventative

maintenance like this helps avoid unexpected lighting failures and keeps your facility safely and properly lit.

24/7 Emergency Service

Accidents and issues can happen anytime, and lighting failures can be a safety hazard for your staff and customers. That's why we offer 24-hour emergency lighting service. Our technicians are on call day or night to respond to any urgent lighting needs, like replacing a fixture that has completely stopped working. We understand how critical it is to get your lighting back up and running quickly.          

Cost-Effective Solutions

We work with a variety of lighting manufacturers to find high-quality yet affordable products for your facility. Our technicians are experts in industrial and commercial lighting, so they can determine the most energy-efficient and cost-effective solutions based on your specific needs. We handle both the initial purchase and installation of new lighting equipment as well as ongoing maintenance. Bundling services together in a customized maintenance plan helps ensure maximum cost savings for your business.

Certified and Insured Technicians

Our lighting technicians are highly trained, certified and fully insured. They follow all proper safety precautions and regulations when servicing lighting equipment to avoid injury or damage. We perform background checks on all employees and technicians to give you peace of mind that only qualified individuals will be accessing and servicing your lighting fixtures and electrical equipment. Your safety, security and satisfaction are our top priorities.

Let our team of experts handle all your lighting needs. We have the experience, skills and resources to keep your facility bright while maximizing cost efficiency. Contact us today to learn more about our commercial lighting maintenance services and how we can illuminate your business.            


So there you have it - an overview of the major industrial lighting services companies in your area that can help keep your facilities bright. Choosing the right provider takes research, but it's worth it to find a team you gel with. Your lighting directly impacts productivity and safety, so you want pros you can trust. We hope this guide gave you a helpful starting point to find an industrial lighting partner that will meet your unique needs. With options like Acme Lighting, BrightCorp, and IllumaPro in your neighborhood, you're sure to find a good match. Reach out for custom quotes and demos as you evaluate top contenders. The ideal lighting maintenance company for you is out there - go get 'em!