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Different Types Of Exterior Lights

July 7, 2020
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Regardless of use, outdoor lighting is considered as an essential part of building maintenance and security. Uncovering your business’ outdoor commercial lighting needs isn’t that simple, though. There are a lot of things you need to factor in when choosing commercial outdoor lights.

Don’t know where to start? Then it’s a good idea to keep on reading. This article serves as your overall guide to planning your outdoor lighting system for your business establishment.

But first, what are the types of exterior lighting fixtures out there? Listed below are the common types of commercial outdoor lighting:

Choosing commercial outdoor lighting should be a balance of function and design

Choosing commercial outdoor lighting should be a balance of function and design. (Image from Unsplash)


This type of wide-span lighting can cover large as well as hard-to-reach areas with ample illumination. Vandalism and robbery can be minimized if floodlights are placed in large spaces like parking lots.

Make sure to check the level of brightness suitable for the area you want the floodlights to be in since these are usually high-powered with halide or high-pressure sodium lights. Floodlights are typically used where there is constant movement from machinery or people.


Usually placed in open spaces for parking, these fixtures cover a large area with a wide beam of light. These should be placed strategically outdoors to avoid being potentially dangerous for drivers since these produce a lateral light projection or glare.


These are light fixtures affixed on walls without any poles. These are normally used around the immediate area of an establishment, preferably above entryways or any doors.


This is an optional type of lighting fixture, but it is commonly used for security rather than aesthetics. Motion sensor lights, as the name implies, only illuminate when they detect movement. This type of fixture is usually best used in garages, alleyways, or driveways to provide illumination to security cameras on the perimeter.


As the name suggests, spotlights like commercial LED icicle lights are concentrated on a key area only. Often used in landscaping or accent lighting, these emphasize signage, architectural features, entrances, and other details of the building.


This type of outdoor commercial lighting fixture is designed to be used as a collective, meaning you can’t only use one or two bulbs. These are commonly installed on the underside of canopies, usually outside a building. They are made to be waterproof, vibration-resistant, and durable since they are usually installed near high-traffic areas.

Which Outdoor Lighting Fixture Is Better: Halogen or LED?

Halogen bulbs used to be extremely popular. These compact and extremely brilliant light sources were often used for nighttime illumination, however, LED lights have caught up with them in terms of practicality as well as cost-efficiency.

Modern landscape lighting design offers improved options for commercial users. LED systems are a top choice because they require less maintenance and have lower replacement costs than halogen units. However, there is still a range in terms of pricing and quality that should be considered before purchasing and installation.

The Basics of LED Outdoor Lighting Fixtures

LED systems require less maintenance and lower replacement costs than halogen units

LED systems require less maintenance and lower replacement costs than halogen units. (Image from Unsplash)

To simplify things, here are some factors you need to consider when selecting LED outdoor lighting systems:

  • The cheaper models are made of plastic or painted aluminum and can be found in department stores, home improvement centers, and catalogs. They may cost just over a hundred dollars with a life span of around three years.
  • You can look for more high-quality LED fixtures that cost a little more money so you can get four to six years of service out of them. These units are usually powder-coated with a tough aluminum finish. Eventually, these units will succumb to extreme weather conditions throughout the years and begin to peel or chip away in time.
  • Higher-quality brass and copper fixtures cost more initially. These units will not only last longer, but they tend to look better with age. Over time, the brass or copper fixtures exhibit a more polished finish. Many lighting contractors opt for a high-quality finish because it offers the greatest return on investment.

Solar Options for Outdoor Lighting Fixtures

Whether these units are used in the dune-covered hillsides or the harsh salt environment of beachfront properties, solar fixtures are a great choice for most customers.

For maximum durability and longevity, high-quality lighting units are preferred. They usually have brass or copper fixtures with glass lenses. The strength of the illumination is determined by the number of LEDs mounted in one or more arrays inside the fixture.

These units can be just as bright as halogens while running only on solar power. The products are also constantly improving in terms of longevity, durability, and light output.

Why Hire a Professional Outdoor Lighting Company?

It isn’t enough to just Google “commercial lighting supply near me” to get your commercial lighting done! As a business owner, you also need to understand the fixtures you’re paying for. In the same vein, you should work together with commercial lighting contractors who know their stuff.

Here are some of the top reasons why it is a great idea to work with professional outdoor commercial lighting firms:


The goal of any architectural and landscape lighting system is to accentuate the property and its architecture, colors, and textures. The system’s design is incredibly important to ensure that everything is properly illuminated without dark spots. A trained outdoor lighting designer will know just which fixtures to use and where to place them for the perfect final result.


Not all outdoor lighting fixtures are created equal. Some are too bright, others don’t provide enough output, while still others aren’t made to last for years outside when exposed to weather elements.

Service and Maintenance

Just like heating and cooling systems, outdoor lighting requires proactive maintenance to keep it looking and performing its best. From environment and weather damage to wires being disrupted, normal outdoor activities can impact any lighting system. Professional commercial lighting industries include maintenance in their service contract because they take pride in the overall performance of the system.

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