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Dark Sky Compliance

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Dark Sky Compliance from Lightning Mobile Electric

Dark-sky friendly outdoor lighting options can be customized to provide the perfect and compliant commercial lighting solution for your business.

What is the Dark Sky Movement?

The movement to preserve the night sky is slowly making way through Colorado. The neighboring towns of Westcliffe and Silvercliff, and also the town of Norwood have set the standard for reduced light pollution. The city of Boulder is also on the journey to earn recognition as a dark sky community. The reason? So our generation and the generations thereafter can see the beauty of the night sky, a resource today’s world is slowly depleting.

How Do I Ensure My Business is Dark Sky Compliant?

The purpose of the Dark Sky Movement is to prevent sky glow from lighting to better see the beauty of the night sky. Lightning Mobile Electric will assess your exterior lighting and determine the best solutions to make your business dark sky compliant. Factors to be considered are the temperature of your lighting, the brightness of your lighting, and whether or not the fixtures are shielded to prevent light from saturating neighboring areas or businesses. We will also evaluate your signage for compliance, as well. Our licensed commercial electricians are well-versed in dark sky compliance, understand how to navigate the dark sky permitting process and will ensure you meet regulations with the proper solutions in place at your business.

Are There Other Benefits to Dark Sky Compliance?

There are many benefits to the Dark Sky movement. By installing updated fixtures or lamps to meet the new regulations at your business, you can expect to save on your energy bill. This is a result of lowering your energy use since the lighting will be less-powerful. This energy use also correlates with a reduction in harmful emissions being released into the environment, like carbon.

Schedule an Exterior Lighting Audit by Lightning Mobile Electric today to ensure your commercial or industrial property in Boulder is Dark Sky Compliant before you are fined. To schedule, please see our service request form, email us at or call us at 720-470-0362 (Direct).