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In every business, first impressions make an impact on potential clients, making a great curb appeal important for any venture to succeed. Professional lighting designers can provide aesthetic and practical solutions for lighting that will make that first impression a great one, every time.

Exterior Lighting Is Important For Every Business

Whether you are a nationally recognized commercial supercenter, membership warehouse, department store, industrial center, auto parts store, or locally owned small business on main street, commercial exterior lighting will benefit your business. Lighting can help any type of business enhance its visibility, draw in more customers, create a safer environment, and stay energy efficient.

Technology in lighting design and control now allows for style, functionality, and - most incredibly - energy savings! Thus requiring commercial outdoor lighting design to be tailored to the unique aspects of each business to provide the best solutions.

With the various types of commercial outdoor lighting options, let us help you choose and install from various options like uplighting, spotlighting, pathway lighting, safety lighting, and even holiday lighting.

Exterior commercial building lighting fixtures can also enhance your business space and can be purchased in a variety of sizes and styles; from elegant lanterns and gooseneck sconces to dark-sky-compliant wall-packs, LED strip lights, and more.

How Commercial Outdoor Lighting Can Help Your Business

When choosing from all the various types of commercial outdoor lighting, consider important factors and benefits that are unique to your property before buying and installing exterior and accent lighting fixtures. Just some of the benefits can include:

  • Make More Money – Generating interest from customers is one surefire way to promote sales. With accent and exterior lighting, you can direct your customers’ attention and keep them interested with:
  1. Change of ambiance – Help people remember you by creating lighting that affects them.
  2. Help customers know where to look – Aside from enhancing your store’s aesthetics and ambiance, your most important products are highlighted when you use purposeful accent lighting.
  3. Security - Exterior lighting is a simple and effective, preventative security measure to enhance the safety of your customers, employees, and physical property.
  • Save On Energy Bills- when you choose the most energy-efficient lights for your business, the products’ longevity and lower operating costs will be worth the investment.
  • Return on investment- Lightning Mobile Electric specializes in commercial lighting and can offer a great deal of valuable information on energy-saving equipment for retail establishments.
  • Improve Nighttime Security- Appropriate illumination even offers security for guests as well as workers who will be walking, driving, or bicycling through the area. It also contributes greatly to the ease of access to building entrances and walkways, as well as parking and driving. Lighting at doors and windows, along with the illumination of potential hiding spots behind bushes and hedges, can discourage would-be intruders.

Leave Your Exterior Lighting Job To The Experts

With our expertise, Lightning Mobile Electric aims to help your business become more successful. We understand how important outdoor commercial lighting is to your business. Not only can we provide the best lighting solutions for your retail space, but we also factor in the efficiency and cost savings for you. From your lighting to electrical needs, we have skilled electricians, lighting technicians, and the equipment to take care of everything.

As a family-owned and operated business based in Denver, Colorado, we know that personalized services are the best way to go when it comes to electrical systems.

Let our experienced team improve your business lighting by getting in touch with us here