Commercial Lighting

Colorado Whole Foods

Redesign and Track Lighting


A local Colorado Whole Foods challenged us with a Lighting redesign and retrofit of their produce department as well as updating their track lighting throughout the store.



Upon planning and discussion with the customer, we chose a solution that was aesthetically pleasing, but also cost effective and saved them time in maintenance. Together we chose to remove all of the existing high bay lighting fixtures and replace them with linear LED fixtures. To accomplish this, we used a mix of full fixture replacements and retrofit kits



Our team was able to remove and install an updated lighting system along with added track lighting throughout the store to highlight important areas


A lighting retrofit, also known as a lighting redesign, is a process of upgrading or replacing outdated lighting fixtures with more efficient and modern alternatives. This practice has gained significant popularity in recent years due to the numerous benefits it offers, including energy savings, improved lighting quality, and reduced environmental impact.

One of the primary reasons why businesses and homeowners opt for a lighting retrofit is to reduce energy consumption and lower electricity bills. Traditional lighting fixtures, such as incandescent or fluorescent bulbs, are notorious for their inefficiency, as they waste a considerable amount of energy in the form of heat. By replacing these fixtures with energy-efficient alternatives like Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs), significant energy savings can be achieved. LEDs consume significantly less electricity, last longer, and produce less heat, making them a more sustainable and cost-effective option.

In addition to energy savings, a lighting retrofit also results in improved lighting quality. Older lighting fixtures tend to lose their brightness and color accuracy over time, leading to poor visibility and discomfort. LED lights, on the other hand, provide bright and high-quality illumination that closely resembles natural light. This not only enhances visibility but also creates a more pleasant and productive environment for occupants. Furthermore, LED technology offers various color temperature options, allowing users to customize the lighting according to their specific needs and preferences.

Another significant advantage of a lighting retrofit is its positive impact on the environment. By reducing energy consumption, retrofitting helps to lower greenhouse gas emissions, thus contributing to the global efforts to combat climate change. Moreover, LED lights are free from toxic substances, such as mercury commonly found in fluorescent bulbs, making them safer to use and dispose of. This makes a lighting retrofit an eco-friendly choice that aligns with sustainability initiatives and promotes a greener future.

When considering a lighting retrofit, it is essential to take several factors into account. Firstly, a thorough assessment of the existing lighting system should be conducted to identify areas for improvement and determine the most suitable lighting solutions. Consideration should be given to factors like the type of space, lighting requirements, budget, and any specific environmental or design considerations. Consulting with a lighting professional or an experienced lighting contractor can provide valuable insights and ensure that the retrofitting process is tailored to meet the unique needs of the project.

A lighting retrofit or redesign provides several benefits that make it a worthwhile investment for both residential and commercial applications. From energy savings and improved lighting quality to environmental sustainability, the advantages are significant and far-reaching. By embracing modern lighting technologies, such as LEDs, individuals and organizations can enhance their lighting experiences while making a positive impact on the planet. So, whether you're looking to reduce your electricity bills, boost productivity in the workplace, or contribute to a cleaner environment, a lighting retrofit is undoubtedly worth considering.