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March 3, 2024

You wake up to your alarm clock buzzing and flip on the light switch, grateful for electricity. But have you ever wondered where that power comes from? If you live in Colorado Springs, your home or business likely gets electricity from one of several major electrical companies serving the area. These providers work hard to keep your lights on and appliances running, but not all offer the same levels of service and reliability. As you look over your monthly bill and consider options, it helps to know which companies customers rate as the most trustworthy. This article takes a close look at the top electrical companies powering Colorado Springs. You'll discover key facts about each provider so you can make the choice that keeps your home energy flowing.

Overview of Major Electrical Companies in Colorado Springs

Colorado Springs is served by two major electrical utility companies: Colorado Springs Utilities and Black Hills Energy. Both provide reliable power to homes and businesses in the area.

Colorado Springs Utilities

Colorado Springs Utilities (CSU) is a municipally-owned utility providing electric, natural gas, water and wastewater services to Colorado Springs and surrounding areas. They generate and distribute electricity to over 229,000 customers. CSU gets over half of their energy from renewable sources like wind, solar and hydro. They offer budget billing, online account access and energy efficiency programs for customers.

Black Hills Energy

Black Hills Energy is an investor-owned utility serving natural gas and electric customers in Colorado, Iowa, Kansas, Montana, Nebraska, South Dakota and Wyoming. In Colorado Springs, they provide electric service to over 91,000 customers. Black Hills Energy generates and distributes electricity from a mix of coal, natural gas, solar, wind and hydro. They offer payment plans, rebates for energy efficient home improvements as well as tips for reducing energy usage.

In addition to these major utilities, some Colorado Springs residents and businesses opt to buy power from retail electric providers or install their own renewable energy systems like residential solar panels. However, the vast majority of households and companies in the city rely on the traditional utility companies to keep the lights on and power flowing. By understanding your options and each company's rates and services, you can choose the right provider for your needs.

Overall, Colorado Springs is fortunate to have stable and sustainable power provided by both public and private utilities invested in the community. With demand for electricity increasing each year, maintaining affordable and renewable energy sources is crucial for continued economic growth in the city. By partnering with utility companies offering competitive pricing and eco-friendly programs, residents and local businesses can do their part to ensure a bright future for Colorado Springs.

What to Look for in a Reliable Electrical Company

Licensed and Insured

The most important thing is that any electrical company you hire is properly licensed and insured to work in Colorado Springs. Ask to see their license and insurance information before hiring them. Unlicensed electricians put you and your home at serious risk.

Experience and References

Choose an electrical company with many years of experience completing projects similar to yours. Ask the company for references from previous clients and actually call them. Ask about their experience working with the company and if they were satisfied with the results.

Highly Trained Technicians

The technicians arriving at your home should be highly trained and skilled. Ask the company about the certifications and ongoing training they provide to technicians. Well-trained technicians will get the job done safely and efficiently.

Competitive and Transparent Pricing

Get estimates from multiple companies for any electrical work. Compare the prices and the details of what is included to determine which company offers competitive and transparent pricing. Watch out for estimates that seem too good to be true.

Quality Equipment and Materials

For the best results that will last long-term, the company should use high quality, durable equipment and materials. Ask about the specific products they use and do some research on your own. Higher quality materials may have a higher upfront cost but will save you money in the long run.

Customer Service and Communication

Look for an electrical company that provides high quality customer service and communication. They should be responsive to your calls and questions, arrive on time, clean up completely after finishing the work, and stand behind their work. Clear communication about the details of your project is also important.

Choosing a trustworthy and reputable electrical company will give you peace of mind that your electrical needs are in good hands. Do your research and evaluate multiple companies before making a final decision. The company you select should meet all of the criteria to ensure a safe, high-quality, and positive experience.

Types of Electrical Services Offered in Colorado Springs

Colorado Springs has many reputable electrical companies offering a variety of services to meet your needs. Whether you need electrical work done for your home or business, you'll find professionals to get the job done.

Residential Electrical Services

For homeowners, electrical companies handle things like breaker panel upgrades, rewiring or repairing outdated electrical systems, installing outdoor lighting, and troubleshooting issues. If you need additional wall outlets installed or want to add a hot tub or electric vehicle charger, residential electricians can handle that. They also do emergency electrical repairs for things like damaged breakers or wiring.

Commercial Electrical Services

Business owners rely on commercial electricians for more complex needs. They can install and maintain electrical systems for entire office buildings or warehouses. Services include installing commercial generators, setting up lighting for parking lots and signs, and wiring for heavy-duty equipment. They ensure commercial electrical panels and wiring meet building codes for safety. Many also offer 24-hour emergency repair services to minimize disruption.

Industrial Electrical Services

For large-scale industrial needs, some companies specialize in high- voltage electrical systems, motor controls, and power distribution for factories and plants. They install and maintain giant electrical control panels, transformers, and power lines required for industrial equipment and machinery to operate. Given the scale and complexity, these projects often involve coordinating teams of highly trained electrical engineers and technicians.

Whether you need a minor home repair or a massive industrial power supply installed, there are experienced electrical professionals in Colorado Springs equipped to take on the job. Do some research to find a licensed, insured company with expertise in the specific services you require. Get multiple estimates for larger projects, check reviews from past customers, and you'll find a trustworthy team to meet your electrical needs.

FAQs About Hiring an Electrical Contractor in Colorado Springs

Choosing a reputable electrical contractor is crucial for the safety and efficiency of your home. Here are some common questions about finding the right pro for the job in Colorado Springs:

How do I find local electricians in my area?

The best way is to ask for recommendations from neighbors and friends in Colorado Springs who have had electrical work done recently. You can also search online for "electricians near me" or "Colorado Springs electricians." Check their business profiles on sites like HomeAdvisor, Yelp or their Google My Business listing to read reviews from past customers. Call a few to ask about their experience, availability and fees.

What credentials and licenses should an electrician have?

In Colorado Springs, residential electricians must be licensed by the state. Ask if they have a master electrician's license which requires several years of experience. They should also carry proper insurance like liability and workers' compensation. Certifications show ongoing training, so see if they have credentials from organizations like the Electrical Safety Foundation International.

How much does residential electrical work cost in Colorado Springs?

Costs will vary depending on the specifics of your project. According to HomeAdvisor, electricians in Colorado Springs charge between $50 to $100 per hour. Small repairs like installing an outlet or switch are $75 to $200. More complex work like upgrading a panel box or rewiring parts of a home typically ranges from $500 to $5,000 or more. Get estimates from multiple electricians before hiring one. Ask about fees for obtaining required permits too.

What questions should I ask an electrician before hiring them?

⚫Are you licensed and insured to work in Colorado Springs? •How long have you been an electrician? • Do you have references from any recent residential clients? What is your availability to start and complete my project? Do you charge by the hour or provide free estimates for projects? Will you handle obtaining any necessary permits for the work? What warranties do you offer on parts and labor? Do you have a written contract or agreement for the services you'll provide?

Asking the right questions will give you confidence in the electrician you choose to hire for your Colorado Springs home. But don't hesitate to ask follow up questions so you fully understand the scope of your project and associated costs before scheduling the work.

Tips for Saving Money on Your Electric Bill

Saving money on your electric bill doesn't have to be difficult. There are several easy steps you can take to cut down on your energy usage and lower your monthly costs.

Turn Off Lights and Electronics

One of the simplest ways to lower your electric bill is to turn off lights, electronics, and appliances when you're not using them. Things like lights, TVs, computers, gaming systems, and small kitchen appliances draw power even when idle or in standby mode. Make it a habit to turn them off completely when you leave a room or go to sleep at night.

Use Energy Efficient Light Bulbs

Replacing your standard incandescent light bulbs with LED or CFL bulbs can make a big difference in your energy usage. LED and CFL bulbs last much longer and are far more efficient. Although they cost a bit more upfront, they save money in the long run.

Adjust the Thermostat

Heating and cooling account for nearly half of a typical home's energy costs. Adjust your thermostat by just a few degrees to see big savings. In winter, lower the heat a couple of degrees and put on a sweater. In summer, raise the AC by a few degrees. Programmable thermostats can automatically adjust the temperature for maximum efficiency when you're away from home or sleeping.

Unplug Chargers and Devices

Phone chargers, laptops, gaming systems, and other electronics draw power even when idle and plugged in. Unplug them when not in use or plug them into power strips that can be turned off. This "phantom load" can amount to 10% or more of your total electric bill.

By making a few small changes to your daily habits and being more mindful of how you use energy, you can lower your electric bill significantly each month. And the savings will add up over time, potentially saving you hundreds of dollars per year.


So you see, you've got options when it comes to choosing an electrical company in Colorado Springs. There are big national companies with lots of resources, smaller local outfits with personal service, and everything in between. Do your research, ask around for recommendations, and trust your gut when deciding who to let into your home to do electrical work. The most important thing is that you feel confident in their expertise, pricing, and

professionalism before signing a contract. At the end of the day, having electricity you can count on is crucial, so make sure you pick a provider that will give you the service you deserve. With a little effort on your part, you can find an electrical company in Colorado Springs that checks all the right boxes for you.