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LED retrofit lighting is becoming a necessary upgrade for commercial and industrial businesses nationwide. With benefits such as cost reduction, energy savings, and high quality lighting, it’s obvious why.

What is a LED Retrofit?

When considering lighting changes for your business, you’ve probably asked yourself, what does retrofit LED mean? And how do you retrofit LED lights?

Retrofit LED lights are meant to replace old or conventional lighting methods (incandescent lamps, CFL, Fluorescent, etc..) and can provide you with a noticeable upgrade. Retrofit LEDs fit into your existing fixtures and, in most cases, are simply converted.

What is a retrofit LED downlight?

In the case of recessed downlighting, to retrofit a system simply means to upgrade or replace it with newer technology. Downlight refers to an above-ceiling fixture and lighting layout.

Benefits of LED lighting

LED lights surpass all other bulbs on the market and come packed with benefits. Here are just some that we wanted to highlight:

Longer Lifespan

Other lighting methods like the incandescent bulb have a lifespan of about 1,000 hrs compared to an LED light with a lifespan of 50,000 hrs. So, how long do LED lights last in years? Anywhere from 6-12 years!

Lower energy consumption

This translates into massive energy savings! LED retrofit lighting can save you 60-75% on your energy costs over the course of a year. Light from LED sources produces more lumens and less waste light, so when you upgrade to LED lighting with any of the LED retrofit kits, LED fluorescent retrofits, LED downlight retrofit, or LED retrofit bulbs your energy usage greatly decreases.

LED lights produce less heat and have low voltage capabilities

This makes LED bulbs more energy efficient and safer. Traditional lighting methods typically use 90% of their total energy to power to heat, whereas LEDs use virtually none. LEDs consume less power allowing them to operate on low voltage systems and perform better in cold temperatures. For these reasons, LEDs are a great option to meet codes for outdoor lighting, a safer option for areas that are prone to flooding, and work great in freezers or cold storage spaces.

Environmental Performance

LED lights have no environmental contamination compared to some traditional lighting solutions that contain toxins like Mercury.

What are the potential risks/cons of not upgrading?

Although LED lighting options typically have a higher upfront cost, the long term savings will absolutely make up for it. By not doing LED Retrofits in your business, you risk spending more money on lower quality and outdated lighting options.

Why you should hire a professional

Whatever your commercial business needs, it’s worth it to hire a professional for the job. At Lightning Mobile Electric, we are a team of commercial electricians providing service upgrades to business, retail and industrial spaces. If your building needs better and brighter lighting solutions and electrical systems, we are here to assist you.

Our commercial retrofit and LED retrofit services ensure that you have the light and power you need to run your operations smoothly. When it comes to electrical contractors in Colorado, Lightning Mobile Electric, LLC is one of the best. Explore our other electrical services HERE. We are strategically located to serve Colorado Springs and the rest of Denver quickly and effectively. Contact us today!