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How Lighting Improves Workplace Productivity

March 17, 2020
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Companies today are doing their best to motivate their employees using an inviting workplace. They adjust furniture, add lounge areas,- with video games - offer fitness centers, and even improve the available food options.

These are amenities that inspire thinking outside of the box. So, what else can you do to your business that will add to the comfort and the creativity of your employees? Would you believe me if I said that changing the orientation, temperature or type of lighting at your business will create a boost in employee productivity and satisfaction? The importance of lighting is often overlooked as a factor when it comes to boosting both creativity and productivity in the workplace. Making adjustments to your current lighting solutions will not only create a more inspiring environment, but it will also lead to increased employee satisfaction and increased levels of production.

Stressful offices can be the effect of bad lights (source: Pixabay)

The Psychology of Proper Workplace Lighting

Studies have shown how the right lighting helps build an environment where creative thinking thrives. Science also emphasizes the importance of lighting with respect to the circadian rhythm - how our bodies function with the given 24 hours in a day, based on the time of day (or our perception of it) and the type of lighting we are exposed to.

In the early morning, for example, the sky gives off an amber-colored light. Throughout the day, light intensifies so Iin the afternoon, it gives off a bright, golden light and in the evening, a blue-ish tone or even a fiery red (depending on where you live) is emitted.

Using the psychology of light, you can fashion your office space's lighting to spur the type of productivity and creativity needed. It’s best to mimic the lighting during the time of day when people are alert and awake.

How to Efficiently Use Workplace Lighting to Boost Business Productivity

Here are the four best lighting choices to bring out the best in your employees while they are working.

Natural Lighting

Natural lights are great for boosting productivity (Source: Pixabay)

Natural lighting is a great way to boost productivity and creativity. Ideally, a workplace should surrounded by big windows, overlooking various sights of the city; studies have shown that the best view to drive productivity and create satisfaction in the workplace is greenery often seen in parks and forests.

Note that a windowless environment can tire people out quicker, leading to low productivity levels and an overall sleepy environment.

If the office lacks windows, installing mirrors to reflect light is a great idea.

Smarter Lights Are Bluer

If your workplace lacks big windows or night shifts are common, using artificial light can be a good option if done right. It helps to diminish the brightness of computer screens as well.

You can also control the light temperature of desk computers, laptops, phones, and lightbulbs to emit a bluer tone to increase productivity.

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Illumination Levels

Dim lighting is the best for creativity (Source: Pixabay)

One would think that brighter lights lead to increased creativity because they "wake a person up". This is a myth. Studies have shown that a dimmer environment is better for sparking creative thinking.

Darker environments encourage out-of-the-box ideas because they make people feel relaxed and unsupervised. Next time you go to start a meeting, dim the lights and you will notice everyone’s gears churning.

Lighting is Everything With Lightning Mobile Electric

If your office is in a slump, remember that lighting is an important factor. Have desks near windows and design the lighting with a natural effect to create a more productive working environment.

The next time you have an office meeting, make sure to dim the lights a bit before you start the show to increase out-of-the-box thinking.

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