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Decorative Lights For Landscape Lighting

July 21, 2020
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Plants are often the highlight of landscaping, but exterior lighting adds both function and aesthetic to the overall look of any outdoor space. Not to mention it makes courtyards, entrance areas, and walkways safer.

Good landscape lighting can definitely improve the curb appeal of your business. It can also highlight certain layouts, styles, and any upgrades that have been done. However, how do you choose the right ones?

Transform your business’ outdoor space with landscape lighting. (Image Source: Pixabay)

This entry will dive deeper into the different types of decorative lights that will make your landscape lighting shine.

The first step in successful landscape lighting design is to think about where your landscape light fixtures will go. You may need to walk through your property with a lighting specialist to map out your lighting plan.

Here are some things that will need to be taken into consideration:

  • Outdoor areas to illuminate
  • Lighting types
  • Desired effects
  • Power supply or source
  • Bulb types

Different Techniques in Landscape Lighting

Area Lighting (downlighting)

Landscape flood lighting will let you entertain guests in outdoor areas at night. Plus, they boost safety and security. Mount them high on trees or on a wall to cast a broad illumination over a wide area. To highlight paths, signage, steps, or flower beds, position them close to the ground.


This is almost identical with downlighting, but this time you will be using soft light sources positioned up high. This technique results in a romantic filtered effect for branches and for casting beautiful shadow patterns.


To bring out different textures in your garden, use this lighting technique. Place the fixtures close to the surface of the object you want to highlight.

Spotlighting (Accent Lighting)

This highlights focal points in your landscape or common areas. This is great if you want to put lighting emphasis on a certain area.


Create intriguing shadows on the wall or any vertical spaces by lighting the object from the front or below.


If you want to conceal the lighting fixtures behind a bush or trees, then this is the technique you should apply. It creates a wondrous effect against the sky at dusk.

Fountain and Pool Lighting

If you want to create a dramatic effect using water features, go for underwater lighting. Take it up a notch by using dimmer lights.


Lights positioned upwards (e.g. buried in the ground) create a dramatic effect like what you see in a theater.

Cross Lighting

Create a 3D effect by illuminating two or more sides.

Diffused or Spread Lighting

If you want a diffused and circular lighting pattern for your landscaping, use this technique. Diffused lighting is also good for decks, pathways, patios, and driveways.

Different Types of Landscape Fixtures

Accent or spot

This adjustable fixture is super versatile and can be used for accent lighting, cross lighting, uplighting, and even grazing, as the light source is mounted up high, providing a downlight and moonlight type of focus.

Diffused and spread

This type of low-level unit light is used to illuminate pathways, steps/stairs, or any areas that need broader light patterns.

Box, bullet, or cylinder shaped

These shapes help provide focus and direct light beams to certain areas. It cuts off glare and protects both the lamp and socket from moisture and debris.


Also known as well light, this type of fixture conceals the light source. This is best for uplighting.

Chain Lantern, Ceiling Close-up, and Wall Bracket

Casting light outward directly or diffused, this lighting fixture is typically mounted at entryways. Also, the chain-hung lantern style adds dramatic effect to your landscape design.

exterior with landscape lighting fixtures

Elevate your exterior with landscape lighting fixtures. (Image Source: HGTV)

Different Types of Outdoor Space Lighting To Go with Your Landscape

If you have a great landscape design, you should definitely pair it with good outdoor space lighting as well.

Like their indoor cousins, exterior lighting can be made up of different combinations of wall, overhead, and table fixtures. Lanterns and hurricane lights that sit on the floor can definitely produce a warm and inviting vibe come summertime.

String Lights

This versatile light illuminates borders and defines edges, banisters, wrap columns, and trees.

For their bulbs, you can choose from smaller to bigger bulbs, and different colors. Smaller bulbs provide gentle ambient background light. Bigger bulbs, of course, provide great illumination. You can opt for brighter bulbs if you want, but make sure they don't overwhelm the space.

There are so many string light colors to choose from too. You can’t go wrong with yellow though; it’s classic.

Hurricane or Lantern Lights

These lights are the ultimate solution if you want a chic and natural glow in your outdoor space. They are super convenient, too, as you can easily move them wherever you want. For fixed locations, you can’t go wrong with electric lanterns.

Pendant Lights

If you’re looking to make your business’ outdoor space appear wider than it really is, consider pendant lights. These are great exterior lighting for illuminating darker corners, paths, sitting areas, and outdoor dining tables.

Flush-Mount Lights

These have the convenience and functionality of pendant lights without any clearance problems. They’re perfect for spaces with lower ceilings i.e. less than 8 feet. They are also great for entryways or eaves.


To illuminate pathways, opt for downward-facing sconces that wash walls and walkways in guiding lights. For outdoor dining rooms, choose sconces with exposed bulbs for overall illumination.

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